An Unusual Gift For Your Wedding Guests – Their Own Personalised Photobooth Wedding Album From Instaprint

Marriages may be made in heaven but the weddings are definitely celebrated here on earth. And as with every human celebration after the invention of photography in 1800s, this event is also captured “On Film” for preserving the memories for posterity.

One of the earliest wedding photographs is that of the 1840 wedding of Queen Victoria to Prince Albert. During this period the only wedding photograph was a formal portrait of the couple in their wedding finery normally taken in a studio immediately after their wedding. In late 1880s when the technology improved and the equipment became less bulky, photographers would come to the wedding venue and shoot both the couple and the wedding party. Wedding Albums came into vogue during this period. It was after the Second World War that the film was available to more and more people, but wedding photography remained the bulwark of professionals.

Today with high resolution cameras and photo shopping software, the wedding photographer is able to revolutionize a wedding album making it look like a work of art (or at least a coffee table book). Many wedding guests are later able to go online and order prints of the photographs they like.

Technology has also changed another aspect; every wedding guest is now armed with a camera in the form of a smartphone and takes great pleasure in shooting what they can. A lot of selfies and a lot of informal groups are the target of these “Amateur Photographers”. A wedding photographer is only able to capture the formal parts of the wedding, but the numerous wedding guests can capture everything else. They are also willing to share these photographs not just with each other and on social media but also with the bride and the groom.

So why don’t you flip this and make the wedding guest’s photographs an integral part of the entire wedding album? Instagram (world’s largest photo sharing platform) makes this process very easy.

Design your own microsite initially and share it with your wedding guests. Start at the very beginning, from designing your wedding invitation. Get your friends and family to share their photographs of you as a couple and use them to design your wedding invitation. Include the hashtag for your microsite in your wedding invitation and ask your wedding guests to come armed with smartphones.

The crew from Instaprint will setup a photobooth at the wedding venue. You can remind your guests of your microsite by displaying its hashtag. Encourage your guests to take as many pictures as possible and share it. You can get few of your “formal” photographs included on the site as well.

Your guests can then choose the photographs they want and get a photo card (similar to the erstwhile Polaroid) of each of these photos at the Instaprint Photobooth Wedding Pictures . You can then have a customised album, for them to attach these photographs and take them away as keepsakes of your wedding.

Why give boring return gifts when you can give them instant customised Photobooth wedding albums by Instaprint Singapore.

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