Starting A T-Shirt Printing Business

T-shirts seem to never go out of style. As t-shirt printing has become easier than ever and graphics and colors more vivid people are wearing them more. Many younger generations ready to embark on new careers yet be their own boss have found that printing t-shirts is their niche. When starting there are many factors to consider from machines to types which items to printed. If you have a good amount of capital, purchasing the equipment and t-shirts is all a matter of how much.

Screen printing is not for the beginner and requires a lot of knowledge in the machinery vs producing mass amounts of t-shirts for clients at a lower cost. The lowest cost and most efficient way to start the business is by purchasing a heat press which applies direct heat and pressure to the shirts to adhere the graphics.

Once your business is ready for expanding and looking into other avenues you may want to consider a direct printer. The Epson F2000 or Anajet Sprint is a good start. These machines will make t-shirt printing so easy. After printing they only require a pass through the heat press and it is done! When choosing a printer make sure you keep in mind the maintenance fees and replacement of any part, the print heads in particular. Other overhead to consider is the ink and power consumption.

After deciding on the machinery for your new business the next step is picking the types of materials you will work with. With the heat press you are bound only to work with cloth that will not melt therefore excluding rayon, polyester, fleece or microfiber. You will not be able to print on other materials like cup cozies or name badges. Luckily, with the direct printer you will be able to print on many more mediums.

To get you started on this, why not visit an experienced t-shirt printing company, to have a feel of the various printing methods and products available for printing. Click here at to find out more!

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